Brand Story

When we first moved to London as students, it was hard to escape the loneliness in a foreign place. Oftentimes that longing doesn’t wear off no matter how much time passes, but we found an escape from the loneliness when we happened upon the Nomadic Community Garden. In the heart of Shoreditch, the little park was full of avant garde artwork, graffiti, and independent performances that invited the community to share these experiences of diversity. We had never found this form of acceptance before, and we cherished the invitation of experimenting with a new way of living. We had found the world of alternative lifestyle, and it was our mission to live it to the fullest.


At HIDDEN GEN, we want to expand on the amazing feelings of the surprise and joy we felt as we explored the possibilities of other lifestyles. We are a platform that supports artists and designers seeking creativity outside the norms of popular culture that in turn inspire others to rethink and explore the art of designing your own aesthetic. We hope to never forget the spark of adventure that started our journey, and that it can be found in every aspect of our brand.