Exhibition of Ron Mueck's sculptures

Ron Mueck is a talented sculptor, born in Melbourne, Australia. His first career was as a doll maker and puppeteer; he was the voice of Ludo the Beast in the film Labyrinth and also made guest appearances in Jim Henson's storyteller series.

Mueck's sculptures are so lifelike and superbly detailed that it is as if one feels the emotions coming out of the sculpture in front of them. Dead Dad" is a work that is a blunt representation of the ageing and death of a human being and has provoked a strong reaction from the public.

The subtle changes Mueck makes will make the exhibit as a whole seem realistic, yet lead the visitor to some of the messages he wants to give, such as a sense of vulnerability.

Mueck draws on his own experiences, thoughts and emotions so that the viewer can relate to them. He has said: "If my works make a space fun, then I am certainly very happy. Conversely, if they come out and just feel like a piece of work, that's a failure on my part."