Heather Phillipson: Rupture No. 1 blowtorching the bitten peach

Heather Phillipson has recreated the spaces as a series of "charged ecosystems, dysfunctional seasons, and uncovered lifeforms," in her own words. Heather Phillipson uses video, sculpture, music, large-scale installations, text and painting to present her artworks.
In this exhibition visitors can see a papier-mâché ram, modified diesel bowsers, and insects hammered together from roof vents, car dipsticks and reused steel. There are more creatures that seem to live in a parallel dimension.
Walking into Heather Phillipson's world requires more imagination in order to blend in. It's like seeing the world in a different light. As Heather Phillipson once said, she wanted to be an alien.
Watching the sunrise to sunset in the exhibition as time flies by in Peach. It makes participants want to capture the beautiful moments and not feel the passage of time anymore.