New Wave of Contemporary Art

180 The Strand returns with a convoluted, overpowering, immersive, dizzying group display of computer-created works in which you may completely lose yourself. Es Devlin, Carsten Nicolai, Refik Anadol, and Hito Steyerl are among the artists in a group display that blurs the lines between the actual and virtual worlds. The venue is located at 180 The Strand, London. 
The exhibition area is divided into small spaces with different themes. The content of these exhibitions allows one to perceive nature, human beings and the relationship between nature and human beings. Each of the exhibits uses projection technology to allow people to integrate with the artwork entirely. 
They are works of art that push and utilise technology to produce dramatic, immersive visual experiences. It all seems a little like you can tell this is about programming being utilised to extreme aesthetic ends. The point is that art is technology.