The place is raving mad: Cyberdog in Camden Market

For many years, Cyberdog has been based at Camden Market. In 1994, when the founders held a booth in Camden Market, they began their business. The founders recognised that the available clothing was too dull. Therefore, a mash-up of funky techno colours and cutting-edge futuristic shock emerged. 

Consequently, a mash-up of techno funky colours and cutting-edge futuristic shock emerged. Feel the clothing from the universe here

You can feel the energy and vibes from the music, neon lighting, and everything as you into Cyberdog. The ear-splitting techno music you can feel through your toes, the filthy industrial metal walls and frightening Cybernetic mannequins, and the strange and fantastic clothing—everything from the lovely to the ludicrous.
Cyberdog is a design leader who does not follow fashion trends; they create fashion trends. Their creations can be pretty bizarre! Instead of Cyberdog being a clothing shop, Cyberdog is a club from the universe. 
If you want to experience the world of the future, Cyberdog is the place to be.