Isamu Noguchi

The exhibition explores the kaleidoscopic career of the Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), one of the quintessential sculptures of the twentieth century. 

The whole space is soft and tranquil, with a soft light to feel the autumnal atmosphere of London in November. The exhibition space is divided into two levels so that the light from each fixture can be viewed from a high angle. Even though there are many lights in the venue, it is exceptionally dark. It is like perceiving a drama on a big screen from the darkness in a cinema. 

The most critical element in this exhibition, apart from the light, is the element of nature. Isamu Noguchi uses stone, metal and bamboo to create a tranquil Zen atmosphere. The light emanating from the paper lamps seems to awaken the softest of memories.

The sculptures are called 'Akari', which is Japanese for both illumination and physical light, just as these sculptures illuminate the warmest part of people's hearts. Isamu Noguchi once said that a room with a tatami mat and an Akari is what home is like.

Art can be the warmth of the sun in the night, keeping you warm all the time.