Van Gogh Alive: Immersive viewing experience

Van Gogh Alive has toured to more than 50 cities around the globe, and finally in London, you can experience Van Gogh differently. The Van Gogh Alive exhibition is no longer just a painting hanging in a museum, but rather a chance to enjoy the music of Liszt, Vivaldi, Schubert, Bach and high-definition projections of Van Gogh's paintings at the same time. It is like a time machine, stepping back into the 19th century for a moment.
Van Gogh Alive is a vast exhibition where the audience will be amazed as soon as they enter. It was worth the price of the show to sit quietly and look at each piece and listen to the music. The exhibition was an unexpected success for an art exhibition without actual paintings. Every stroke of Van Gogh's brushwork was excellently rendered, and each painting was so delicate and tender.
The final finale of the dynamic exhibition is the famous 'The Starry Night'. As the scene fades into darkness, indigo light gradually fills the projection canvas. However, this is the end of the exhibition. It is another world of colour that has emerged from the darkness. It is as if this end is a new beginning.
In addition to the dynamic exhibition, there is also a still exhibition entitled 'Getting to Know Van Gogh'. The exhibition features 13 of Van Gogh's classic paintings, including Sunflowers, The Red Vineyard, Wheatfield with Crows and more. The exhibition will give the audience a better understanding of the twists and turns of Van Gogh's life. Vincent's Bedroom in Arles" is a perfectly realistic setting in which the artistic molecules created by Van Gogh permeate the entire exhibition space.

Van Gogh's life was short and winding, and it was only after his death that the legendary story was told. That is the way life is. After it has meandered, it will one day be able to walk in a straight line.