Victoria and Albert Museum

Founded in 1852, the V&A is the world's largest museum of art, design and performance. In 2006, the V&A was voted the most romantic museum by the British public.

The strength of the V&A lies in the fact that it does not simply display the collection but also makes a serious effort to restore it to its original context, meaning that the visitor is not just looking at the exhibition but experiencing it as it was.

Romance is also in the bones of the V&A Museum, and this romance is reflected in the Romantic décor, the rich collection of fashionable art and the stories behind the collections.

It takes South Kensington in London as its point of origin and absorbs civilisations from around the world. With a heavy historical backdrop as its backbone, it embraces modern industrial technology.

It is not only a temple of design and decorative arts with a strong human touch, but also closely linked to the times.

The value of design is not only to present art.