Pearl in the Flesh
Pearl in the Flesh
Pearl in the Flesh
Pearl in the Flesh
Pearl in the Flesh

Pearl in the Flesh

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PEARL IN THE FLESH (SHOULDER CHAIN) by ol9ami  based in Seoul

OLGAMI represents mental orgasm
through our own designs.
Follow these instructions to keep our product
Keep our product away from any fragrances, alcohol,
or other substances and keep it dry.
Gently rub after wearing it with soft fabric.

Material (Chain): Stainless Steel
Material (Pendant): Stainless Steel, Acrylic Pearl  



Dimensions: L 40 cm / 60.8 cm (with pendant)


  • Remove jewellery before washing hands, swimming, hot springs, and/or applying products (e.g. perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion), as this could harm the material and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discoloration and loss of the product of surface brilliance. Avoid hard crashes (i.e. knocking against objects) that can scratch or chip the product. 
  • Polish your product carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not soak your products in water. Avoid contact with harsh, abrasive materials and glass/window cleaners. 
  • Taiwan: USD 5
  • Hong Kong: USD 6
  • Korea: USD 9
  • Japan: USD 17
  • UK: USD 15
  • US: USD 19
  • Other countries please check the Shipping