Hello Kitty Parfait
Hello Kitty Parfait

Hello Kitty Parfait

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Hello Kitty Parfait necklace by cheetos from Hong Kong  

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  • Jewellery pieces should be stored individually to avoid scratching with each other.
  • Ensure that jewelleries are stayed away from household chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume and bleach which may erode the surface of jewelleries.
  • Prevent wearing jewellery when swimming, hot springs, steam or sauna baths.
  • Sweat will corrode jewellery. After wearing it in summer, wipe it off with a wet flannel.
  • The jewellery with complex craftsmanship is difficult to repair and cannot be restored to its original appearance. Do not pull, fold, twist or pull when wearing it.
  • Taiwan: USD 5
  • Hong Kong: USD 6
  • Korea: USD 9
  • Japan: USD 17
  • UK: USD 15
  • US: USD 19
  • Other countries please check the Shipping